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Scratcher & Clicker


Scratcher & Clicker is a Scratch Card, Role Playing game.If you need something to do when bored, Scratcher & Clicker is what you need to passing time.
★Scratcher… Tons of super scratch cards, only for entertainment purpose and could not win real money from this game.Claim to win big prize instantly, ticket scanner not required.Automatic ticket number generator, each scratch off has different ticket number.
★Clicker…Many pirates suddenly occupied the beautiful florida beach - KEY WEST. You, as the incarnation of Justice, what will you do? You must click, become a cliker hero who can click super fast!
★Pirates…Use bombs and scratched tickets to fight with the pirates. Conquered pirates will search treasures for you.
Download Scratcher & Clicker, You’ll become a MEGA MILLIONAIRE and SUPER CLICKER!!